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After eleven years, we have decided to cease the KangaWrap product line.

This is due partly because our supply has dried up –  we no longer have access to a fair trade, organic manufacturer who can supply in the small quantities we need to be viable – and partly because we feel we have made huge progress in our aim of promoting Kangaroo Care (skin-to-skin) and baby carrying, while supporting the work of Asha in the slums of Delhi.

The work of the team has encouraged several maternity centres in the UK to adopt a policy of Kangaroo Care, for both regular and caesarean births. Whilst our products are helpful aids and have drawn attention to its benefits, skin-to-skin only requires a mum and a baby to be successful!

Over the years we are pleased to have sent over £50,000 to Asha and enabled a further £40,000 of funds to be donated via Christian Aid projects to support maternity care in Kenya, and reproductive and sexual health services for women and girls in El Salvador and Honduras.

So, our sadness is coupled with a sense of achievement. We will continue to find ways to support Asha, it is something very close to our hearts. In the meantime, thank you for your interest in KangaWrap products and for the support of all of those who have bought from us or helped us in any way. If you would like to join us in supporting Asha, please visit them at

On behalf of the team,

Sarah Gregson and Mary Rouse


Trade4Life is a Community Interest Company, supported entirely by volunteers. 

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Baby wrap slings by KangaWrap

Find out about our research behind the KangaWrap, how it is made and the projects you support by purchasing our Fairtrade products.

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Check out our latest news such as our charity projects and updates to the KangaWrap products, along with some babywearing tips!

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Kangaroo Care Research Award
Baby Wraps by KangaWrap
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Baby Wraps by KangaWrap

The KangaWrap is the most comfortable baby wrap for mums & dads to bond with their baby on the move! Perfect for your newborn baby, it provides plenty of support for your baby’s head, back and hips.

Unlike many other bulky baby wraps, the KangaWrap is lightweight, carefully considers kangaroo care principles and distributes your baby’s weight evenly across your body.

Here at KangaWrap, we are passionate about supporting maternity care in disadvantaged countries. Profits from our fair trade baby wraps help fund maternity health training and care in the slums of Delhi and Kenya. By purchasing a KangaWrap you are helping to support an amazing cause as well as receiving a quality product. We are very proud of our wrap and so are our community of mums that wear it.