Skin-to-skin contact in the first few months of your baby being born is highly important to the baby’s long term development. Ensuring regular skin-to-skin contact with your baby will help your baby with:

  • Improved weight gain
  • Quality breastfeeding
  • Reduced crying
  • Improvements in the sleep cycle

You’ll also find that by integrating baby wearing into your routine that you will be able to free your hands whilst keeping baby close.

When choosing a wrap for your newborn baby it is important that it is practical and easy to fit, comfortable and lightweight. The sling you choose should ensure the carrier or wrap you purchase is follows the TICKS framework:

  • Tight
  • In View at All Times
  • Close Enough to Kiss
  • Keeping the Baby’s Chin Off Your Chest
  • Supported Back

The KangaWrap sling does all of the above as it was designed and developed by midwives in Tunbridge Wells after extensive research into Kangaroo Care. It is ergonomically designed to provide optimum support and comfort to both you and baby by spreading the weight across the body.

Baby Sling for Newborns

The KangaWrap is a soft, fairtrade, organic cotton baby wrap. It is lightweight, comfortable and perfect for newborns!