Parent Report

Kangaroo Care is a great way to bond with your baby on the move. It has also proved particularly helpful for premature babies, for dads and even twins!

Kangaroo Care Premmie hPremature Babies

“Kangaroo Care made such a difference for Carianne and her baby Humphrey (born 6 weeks early). “With the wrap I could have my hands free and get on with other things. It helped with feeding and making my baby content and settled. Without it I’m sure we’d have been in hospital longer and I am sure it helped me recover from the birth faster than I would otherwise”. Click here to find out more.

Kangawrap DadFor Dads

KangaWraps are great for dads too! Bonding with baby is important for both parents and is made simple, natural and convenient with a KangaWrap. So, dads get to enjoy their baby at close quarters, right from day one!



TwinsFor Twins Too!

Joanna gave birth to twins George and Sophie by caesarean section. They were six weeks early, and weighed in at less than 5lbs each.

George and Sophie spent a week in Neonatal Intensive care and another on the postnatal ward.

Joanna was determined to breastfeed and midwives encouraged as much Kangaroo Care as possible to help this. The KangaWrap means you can do skin to skin contact without feeling exposed, carrying your baby with your hands free.

It feels just fantastic” says Joanna. I cried when I first experienced having them skin to skin. And after this, George latched on and fed…”

Ask the Midwife!

Joanna’s midwife Marion says ‘Although I was happy to join the research team investigating Kangaroo care, I wasn’t convinced that it was going to do very much – but it wasn’t long before I changed my mind! I am now really passionate about it because I have seen how much it can help these tiny babies. Kangaroo Care really does help with feeding and has meant the amount of babies needing to have tube feeds has reduced dramatically.