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The KangaWrap is a soft, comfortable baby wrap which is perfect for carrying your little one around whilst keeping your hands free for day to day activities. The KangaWrap is a stretchy wrap which means it will not only fit newborns but supports babies that weigh up to 15kg!

The KangaWrap is a made from Fairtrade Certified Cotton which makes it lightweight, breathable and also feels great on your baby’s skin.

  • Cool and lightweight (0.5kg)
  • No difficult straps or buckles
  • For infants from birth to 15kg
  • A safe, practical way to carry
  • Leaves hands free for other tasks
  • Makes breastfeeding easier
  • Comes with a cotton drawstring bag
  • Profits go to maternity healthcare projects in developing countries

The KangaWrap is designed to hold your baby close straight from birth and meets Kangaroo Care criteria.

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Easy to Fit

With no bulky straps or buckles, the KangaWrap is easy to fit and super lightweight.

A Kangaroo Care Product

By wearing a KangaWrap you will see the many benefits of Kangaroo Care including:

  • It Helps Baby Sleep
  • Makes Breastfeeding Easier
  • Boosts Baby’s Mental Development
  • Promotes Baby’s Healthy Weight Gain
  • Promotes Bonding with Dad
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FairTrade Certified

The KangaWrap is Fairtrade certified and made in conditions where employees are well treated and paid a fair wage for their work. Workers are usually women with children of their own.

Making KangaWrap products means they can not only provide for their children, but their higher wage means they can spend time with them too as they need to work fewer hours.

Fairtrade Baby Wrap

Profits Support Maternity Healthcare

Profits from the sale of KangaWraps are used to support maternity healthcare projects ran by organisations such as Asha India & Christian Aid.

Proceeds from the KangaWraps have helped to rebuild a healthcare centre and provided Maternal and Child Healthcare services to the communities of Dehli, Narok, El Salvador & Honduras.

Not for profit baby wrap

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended weight range is newborn to 15kgs. No baby is too small – even the tiniest infants can be safely carried in your KangaWrap.

KangaWraps will always be made where employment opportunities can be offered in fair trade conditions. Currently, all KangaWrap products are made in Mauritius.

The KangaWrap is designed to be one size fits all and is long enough for a comfortable fit on almost any wearer. Your size will only determine how many times you wrap the ties around your waist, which will not affect the strength or integrity of the KangaWrap. As long as you can tie the knot comfortably, you will be fine.

We recommend that you never hold your baby in a forward position in a KangaWrap (or any baby carrier) as it places undue pressure on their developing spine, hips and most sensitive area. It also fails to provide good head and neck support.

You can easily and discreetly nurse while wearing your baby in a KangaWrap. Have as much skin to skin contact as possible in the first few days after the birth, this will encourage breastfeeding little and often which in turn helps to increase lactation.

You’ll need to wriggle the baby down a bit lower for feeding – but essentially the main thing is to experiment and find what is easiest for you. Remember to always keep a close watch on your baby while breastfeeding and move your baby’s face away from your breast when they are no longer actively nursing.

Always position baby so you can see its face and check its breathing regularly, especially when it is asleep. Do not sleep with your baby in the wrap.

See our full list of FAQs here.

18 reviews for The KangaWrap

  1. Vicky (verified owner)

    My daughter is 5 weeks old and I have been using this wrap for a week now. I bought it because my daughter likes to be held a lot but this of course means I am limited to what I can do with one hand! It takes a bit of getting use to putting baby in (I usually stand in front of a mirror to make sure she’s in properly) but I’m sure the more I use it I will be able to put her in easier. It is so handy to be able to get jobs done around the house. I have not worn it outside yet but I will definitely give it a go. It is especially handy because my baby has colic at the moment so she calms down so quickly once she is in the wrap

  2. Sarah Jones

    My Aunt gifted me a kangawrap when she learned that I was expecting, and given that she is a midwife I knew that it must be a good product. Now that baby is here I can confirm that it is a GREAT product! My baby girl is 5 weeks old and she adores her kangawrap, as do Mummy and Daddy.

    Thanks to the wrap, we were able to attend a wedding stress-free, the week before we were able to help with the preparations as it leaves your hands free all while allowing baby to feel supported and comforted, and on the day we were able to have a boogie on the dancefloor with baby !

    It’s lightweight, easy to keep clean and is long enough that literally anybody can wear it and form their own special bond with baby.

    We live in France so are spreading the word about Kangawraps to everyone and anyone who will listen!

  3. Felicity Alder

    I love using the kangawrap with my new born little girl. My baby feels safe and secure in the wrap and her head feels well supported. The kangawrap not only helps you get from A to B easily (which is a major feat as anyone with a newborn knows) but it also enhances that growing bond between baby and parent. My lovely little girl is so happy and contented being carried in this wrap to appointments and around town and the wrap is so supportive that you don’t feel like you are carrying any extra weight around with you! Our kangawrap is already becoming one of the most useful gifts we were given for our baby and makes doing everyday tasks such as walking our lively Labrador stress free!

  4. Jennifer white

    I absolutely Love the manga wrap. I ordered mine after seeing it in a dummy on the maternity unit in Basingstoke. The material is so soft and stretchy and the ways you can tie the wrap make it fantastic for breastfeeding mums. I have recommended Kangawrap to many new mums through a breastfeeding support group on Facebook.

  5. Ruth Macdougall

    Loved my Kangawrap and so did my daughter. Had I known how easy it was to put on and how safe she would be, I may not have bought a pram. It provides a wonderful close way to bond with your baby and I was sad when she grew out of it. Would recommend them to anyone!

  6. Joy M (verified owner)

    We used the KangaWrap from when our baby was born and it transformed how we were together – the instructions were clear for getting him in and out, the material is really soft and gentle, it was easy to get him comfy and safe, and he (and we) loved being close and secured. It also made travelling by public transport so much easier as I had two hands for everything else and knew he was safe and happy. We used the KangaWrap everyday till he was eight months then alternated with another carrier. He is now over two and I carry him everyday (now with a toddler carrier), and we both continue to love carrying/being carried – lots of chat together and cuddles and kisses while having hands free and getting from A to B. I believe this long-lasting enjoyment of carrying is in no small part down to our positive experience of carrying from early on with the KangaWrap. Thank you for such a great product and experience!

  7. Claire Dubarbier (verified owner)

    Great wrap – washes really well, easy to use and really helps rock my little one to sleep.

  8. Rachel K

    Really easy way of settling baby while still managing to get out and about… And the fact that you’re supporting mums in hard situations just by buying it – brilliant! Thank you KangaWrap team!

  9. Linda (verified owner)

    I love the Kangawrap! Well worth getting, my little man is 3weeks old and loves being in it. It frees me up to do the housework and go on walks without having the fuss of getting the pushchair out.
    Will definitely advise others to get!
    Thank you

  10. Pat Ready

    I recently bought a Kangawrap for my daughter and son-in-law, and used it myself to give them a chance to catch up on some sleep while I took my grandson out for walks and did some housework. I LOVE IT.
    The Kangawrap will always hold the baby safely and securely, but it is worth taking time to get the tension right for a really snug fit. Holding the baby high up and heart-to-heart, it gives a wonderful closeness as well as preventing arm-ache and back-ache.
    Knowing that purchase supports maternity care in Delhi is the icing on the cake.
    I would thoroughly recommend this product.

  11. Rebecca Piggins

    Five stars. Great product, would highly recommend. Easy to fit once you practice a couple of times and watch the guidance video. Great for getting chores done around the house or walking to the shops or settling baby when he’s fussy.

  12. Audrey

    I seriously love this KangaWrap! I use it with my daughter who is now 6 months and it works great. It allows me to get stuff done around the house and still have her close to me. I know she is comfortable while in the sling because it calms and settles her down as soon as she’s in there. It is one size fits all so my husband is able to wear it as well, which is awesome. It’s extremely soft and stretchy, and very comfortable to wear. The instructions are easy to figure out, and it has made things much easier for me. Another great thing is that all profit goes directly to maternity care in developing countries, so it makes it even more worth it. I highly recommend!!

  13. Leila

    Love it, I used it with my daughter, who was a big baby, until about 18 months and now use it with my son (a very healthy 11lb born) to help support my arms and back. I often put it on before we go out so it’s easy to jump in and out the car, go over rougher terrain, or pop them in it if they get fractious in the pram (neither of mine have been keen on the pram but love the sling). leaving hands to push it, or a trolley, or grab the toddler, or for cooking etc if we’re in. It washes up beautifully and is prob my best value baby buy, given how much use it gets.

    Only (fairly minor) niggles are that it is a bit of a knack to put it on right (my friend borrowed it but couldn’t get her head around it) and a big baby can be uncomfy if it’s not on right; and that it’s not easy to breastfeed a big baby in it (though not impossible).

    Still recommend it regularly, and for see lots more wear out of it! 🙂

  14. Beth

    I love the KangaWrap, I used it with my daughter from birth to about 8 months old. She was 4weeks premature and for the first few months really didn’t like being put down. The KangaWrap was a godsend to me as it meant that I could do all of the housework things that I needed to do easily as I had both hands available.
    The only problem was what to do on the day I had to wash it, I couldn’t wait for it to dry so that I could put it on again!
    The instructions were clear and simple to follow and My Hubby was also able to use it as one size fits all!

  15. Sophie

    As a Midwife myself, and having worked with women using the kangawrap I was aware of the benefits that the wrap can have for both mother and baby. However, when It came to using one myself with my daughter I was even more amazed at how fantastic the wrap is. In the early few weeks when your newborn baby wants to be held, cuddle and comforted by the warmth of your body heat the wrap is excellent. It enabled me to continue with the daily chores whilst keeping my daughter comforted. It was great for walking the dog too. Enabling me to have both hands free to walk the dog instead of trying to juggle the pram and the dog together. I definitely got plenty of use from the wrap, and would say I used the wrap more than the pram in the first few months. I would recommend the wrap even more now that I have used it myself, and I have since brought one for my sister in-law who is loving using her too.

  16. claire

    I loved my wrap and felt I needed to let everyone know how great it was. My little boy was on the large size (9 lb at birth) and the wrap helped give me the support to carry him around with no back pain. It meant I could get on with things round the house and still have him sleeping close to me. My husband enjoys wearing it too. It’s great for walking on terrains that aren’t ideal for a pram or nipping to the shops and not wanting to faff getting the pushchair up and down. It’s lightweight and stretchy plus fair trade and money goes to charity! Great!

  17. Penny

    I absolutely adore my Kangawrap & I’d say it’s probably been my most used bit of baby kit. I bought this wrap expecting it to be useful, but it was even more useful when I had an emergency c section & couldn’t use the pram for 6 weeks. My daughter LOVES being in the sling & it really calms her if she’s having a fractious day. I also love wearing it. I love the closeness that it gives us, it’s almost like being pregnant again! I love the fact that it’s so light, so you can always take it with you in case it’s needed. I also own a baby bjorn (which was bought for us), but both my baby & I MUCH prefer the kangawrap.

  18. Andrea

    I don’t normally leave reviews but I could not rave about the KangaWrap more!!! We absolutely love it!!! I have carried my daughter in it from birth and she is one year old now, I’ve barely used a pram and walk often. If I’m not using it to carry her out and about then I’m using it indoors to settle her or enable me to do some jobs yet have her close 🙂 She loves being carried and settles as soon as she’s in there.

    You have to get the knack of putting it on but once you’ve done it a few times it’s no problem 🙂 it is amazingly comfortable and not too warm even in hot weather. It’s incredibly soft and easy to throw in your bag and put through the wash!

    The thing that sets this carrier apart from all others of this kind is not just how soft stretchy and comfortable the carrier is but that it’s a fair trade not for profit product with all profits going to directly to impact and change disadvantaged lives through employing midwives in developing countries. What could be more rewarding when you’re carrying your little one than to think that maybe a life has been saved through purchasing this product!!

    Love, love, love the KangaWrap!!

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